Leo Succar
Product, Software, Web Designer
I'm a Product & Design Systems Designer, currently with Plasmic and BitGo.
Formerly, I was with Meta and Sourcegraph.
  • B
    Senior Product & Design Systems Designer



  • P
    Founding Designer



  • F
    Product & Design Systems Designer
    Facebook (now Meta), xDesign & Core Systems


    Menlo Park, CA

  • S
    Lead Product Designer


    San Francisco, CA

  • Z
    Senior Product Designer
    Zenefits (now TriNet)


    San Francisco, CA

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    Product Designer
    SeamlessDocs (now GovOS)


    Miami, FL

"Leo volunteered to design for the Sticker Admin Tool for the Story Creation Team, which is one of our most important tools, to be used to deploy/manage sticker assets in sticker tray for public users. Historically it has been a huge pain point as the old tool is lacking a lot of functionalities and very inefficient to use.

Leo dedicated himself to this project with full passion and went full speed. After several iterations, the design was perfected and received very positive feedback from people across the whole Story Creation Team, which also made it to the 'Story of the Week.'"

- James Yu, Senior Software Engineer, Meta

"Rarely do you meet a creative with such a lethal combination of technical skills and fundamental design ability. Leo can handle any project from classic graphic design to robust web projects using the latest technology with ease. It was a pleasure to work with someone who was never out of their element."

- Justin Harsch, Design Director, Benenson Strategy Group

"I can't stress the relief I felt every time Leo and I worked together. He is one of the most reliable partners and brings an incredible amount of creativity and expertise to every project."

- Melissa Bazillion, Marketing Strategist, MassMutual

"You are all killing it on the design front! Thank you so much for your hard work and always pushing for what's best for the customer! It's been super fun working together and I'm beyond excited to get [our project] out to the world!"

- Bryce Truman, Product Manager, BitGo

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